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Mexic-Arte Museum "Mix 'n' Match" Loteria

Mix 'n' Mash is an annual group exhibition and art sale featuring original works of art created by over 150 local, national, and international artists. The theme for this year's exhibition is the Lotería card game. Lotería, a game of chance similar to Bingo, is played with a set of 54 images printed on a deck of cards. As each card is pulled from the deck, a “caller” cries out a rhyme or riddle that corresponds to each particular image. The more quickly one can identify each icon based on its respective riddle the more successful a player he or she will be. (Excert from Mexic-Arte Facebook page: )

Giselle Diaz at Mexic-Arte Museum "Mix 'n' Match" fundraiser

Thank you to all the participants in attendance of Mexic-Arte Museum Loteria "Mix 'n' Match" fundraiser.

The event was a success and a group of very artist honored the audience with their outstading artistic work.