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Silent Auctions

Serve as advisor on non-profit organizations annual conferences and events. Volunteered creating Exclusive Art Auctions to raise funds for non-profit organizations and artists.

A SILENT AUCTION is one where people write their bids on a sheet of paper for items on display. Generally it’s a very profitable way to raise funds during an event since most items are donated to the cause by your supporters. The auction could be a very simple affair or designed as an integral component of a major fundraiser event. Some of the services available are:

Auction Time Table (Calendar Logistics and Event Time Coordination)
Creation of Auction Committee (Assist in Committee Development)
Securing Items for the Auction (Art Management/Storage Procedures and Guidelines)
Publicizing the Auction (Print Media Coordination)
Setting Up the Auction (On Site Management of Silent Auction)
Ending the Auction
Post-Auction Follow Up

Work in progress....

Fruit Series

Title: "Aguacates II" Acrylic on Canvas - 24" x 16"

You don't have to look to far to discover that who you are is all around you.

The scents, colors, memories of yesterday triggered by the memories of today. Beauty is everywhere...